Sunday, July 13, 2008

Tucson Two

I found Tucson to be very artful.
Statues, murals, mosaics, and even the freeway over and underpasses were aesthetically designed and colorful. How refreshing. Much needed in this hot, dusty, climate.

Um, I guess when you're in a hurry and taking pics things slant as you rush by?
Once again, fires not far away.

Huge Saguaro cactus forest. Not exactly inviting.
Uniquely suited to this environment they are being encroached upon by civilization.
Driving out and over the first mountain stopping at a viewing point I realized as the sun set it was nearly silent. The desert and the surrounding mountains absorbed and blocked sounds. It was heavenly. My ears have been ringing nonstop since I ventured out of the woods and back on the road.

Long one of my favorite places, the
is a must see.
They have one of the finest collections of small cats, unfortunately that area was closed off as a visitor had been mauled 2 days earlier.

Cute as these buggers are, wild Javelinas aren't petting zoo material.
A tourist seeing one on the path went to pose for pics with it. When he bent down to pet it he was seriously
scratched and bitten then flown to a hospital by helicopter. Since they didn't capture it and couldn't figure out where or how it got in,that part of the zoo (where coincidentally their Javalinas are exhibited, I'm thinking it was a conjugal visit) was closed for now.
There were, however, great photo exhibits in air conditioned buildings.

Desert Blooms by Dr. John P. Schaefer

Former president of the Univ. of AZ, he co-founded the Center for Creative Photography with Ansel Adams. He surrounded cacti with black eliminating distractions and brought forth the geometry and colorful beauty of their flowers. Gorgeous. Digital. Huge.

He in turn inspired this pic. :)
And lastly, on the long, hot, nearly 800 mile drive across the desert, in the midst of nowhere, really, I saw art. YaY!!! Metal sculptures, sorry the pic isn't better, I didn't want to venture out of the truck in the heat to get closer. Yeah, it's THAT HOT!!!

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