Friday, July 25, 2008

Poof, she's gone

Assisted a friend on a TV shoot. Serengeti Ranch A2Z Animals. Made an elephant disappear. No, it wasn't done with mirrors.

The set

The elephant

Her human companion

The reward

Teeny tiny me

Heading home

A 22-year old female African elephant, Susie, did a remarkable job. Her trainer has spent 17 years with her and uses food as her primary motivation. Their relationship is heartwarming. At home she has an elephant companion, free range of 175 acres, a pond and plenty of forage to munch on.

The cast and crew were a pleasure to work with. Very accommodating and respectful of both the elephant and the trainer.

At the end of the shoot I got to reward her with her favorite treat, a watermelon. The action shots were captured by Mathieu whose work you can view at
May your imagery help shift our awareness bringing about a kinder world.

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