Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Creative Crutchery

"That which is painful to the body may be profitable to the soul."

Hmm, I'm counting on this. A sudden misstep and I'm ground bound for awhile. Forcing me to sit still for a change and lucky for me I have this laptop and can type. In the midst of the woods, alone yet connected wirelessly, the technology baffles me still. Determined to use it in my own way to let loose the visions I see, the beauty I witness, the daily battles with the demons that won't leave me alone. Ok, maybe they're not all demons. Muses let's say. They pester me until I follow their lead and through the use of video I capture them and let them loose unto the virtual beyond. Wondering who they'll bump into, whose brain the images sear. I've been voluntarily disconnected from TV for over a year, although I never watched much before that even, and seem to have a unique take on things. The synchronicity of things never fails to amaze and inspire me. I'm always listening and looking for clues to unlock the meaning of it all. That and have fun in the process. Play is food for the soul. The basis of world peace I'm convinced. Get too ego involved and it becomes way too serious. Wars start that way. Share a laugh with someone today and see if it doesn't work for you. Best of all it's free.

Light on your path,


"True handicaps come only from the mind, the limits we place on ourselves. We can
do anything, our community is everywhere." —Sidiki Conde