Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Lilly Ledbetter leads the way.

Guest List for the First Lady’s Box
2009 Joint Session of Congress

Lilly Ledbetter (Jacksonville, AL)
Ledbetter was the plaintiff in the American employment discrimination case Ledbetter v. Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. Ledbetter worked at the Goodyear plant in Gadsden, AL for nearly 20 years before she learned her male co-workers were paid more for the same work. She filed suit, and a federal court jury awarded her nearly $4 million. However, in 2007, the US Supreme Court said the 180-day window to file her case had closed years before, after the first unfair paycheck, even though she had no knowledge of the pay disparity between her and her male co-workers. On January 29, 2009 the President signed his first bill in office; the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Restoration Act, which makes each unfair paycheck an act of discrimination, and thus reopens the 180-day window for filing a court case. In signing this bill the President upheld one of this nation's founding principles: that we are all created equal, and each deserve a chance to pursue our own version of happiness.

Thank you Mr. President

Ty'Sheoma Bethea, Student (Dillon, SC) Bethea is an eighth grader at JV Martin Junior High School in Dillon, SC. Upon hearing the President mention her school’s crumbling facility built in the 1800's during the first presidential news conference on February 9, 2009, she wanted to do something to help her school. After school hours, she walked to the public library to gain access to a computer and composed a poignant letter to Congress asking for help. Her principal, Amanda Burnette, promised to pass along the letter to Congress and the President in hopes that the students of JV Martin Junior High School can realize their dreams of becoming doctors, lawyers, and lawmakers. Bethea will be accompanied by her mother, Dina Leach.

Well done!

Monday, February 23, 2009

UniverSOUL Circus

Girls on Girls heading into the tent for rehearsal in Greenville, SC. These pics are waaaay late as the show is now in Atlanta. The most audience-participating modern circus. You won't be able to sit still, I guarantee you. This year featuring hip hop hilarious skits, uplifting video projections and outrageous Chinese acts. And the elephants? They be DIVA's, yo.
On a scale of Lynn a definite must see!

Man on Wire

There is no why.
Art in the extreme.
Before 'extreme' sports was even coined.
High wire walkers are a persistent sort.
Obviously very narrowly focused
when need be
Inspiring, to say the least.

Phillipe Petit, the French tightrope walker from “Man on Wire” — which won for best documentary feature — walked into the ceremony on the carpet and said, “I haven’t been looking at the red carpet, I’ve been looking above and thinking of what it would be like to be on a wire above all this.”

Funny that. I'm always looking at ceilings and wondering how cool it would look to rig. Guessing I'll have to set my sites higher.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Wait! Don't wash that car

Scott Wade's Dirty Car Art
Ages beautifully.
'Scuse me while I get Stan the Van dirtied. . .

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Hoggetowne Medieval Faire 2009

The Cast of Aerial Alchemy 2009

Although the mornings were cold and frosty, it warmed up quite nicely. We "wet" the appetite of the masses doing 4 shows a day featuring Kyle doing magic, Clay with his plate spinning, Jason on silks, Priti dancing, web and tumbling, joining Jason with fire poi. Jermaine danced and lept, Dan dove through fire, literally. Elise was the beautiful Queen of the Trapeze. Throughout it all Joe played and sang accompanied by Robert or Shen.

Oodles of thanks to everyone that helped in any way. Esp. Sophie and her Mom for keeping us fed. And Jess and Robin for bringing things forgotten.

It was, so far, the best year yet, we left beauty in our wake and reminded folks, "Art is not a luxury, it's an everyday event."

Thank you all so very much,