Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Hoggetowne Medieval Faire 2009

The Cast of Aerial Alchemy 2009

Although the mornings were cold and frosty, it warmed up quite nicely. We "wet" the appetite of the masses doing 4 shows a day featuring Kyle doing magic, Clay with his plate spinning, Jason on silks, Priti dancing, web and tumbling, joining Jason with fire poi. Jermaine danced and lept, Dan dove through fire, literally. Elise was the beautiful Queen of the Trapeze. Throughout it all Joe played and sang accompanied by Robert or Shen.

Oodles of thanks to everyone that helped in any way. Esp. Sophie and her Mom for keeping us fed. And Jess and Robin for bringing things forgotten.

It was, so far, the best year yet, we left beauty in our wake and reminded folks, "Art is not a luxury, it's an everyday event."

Thank you all so very much,



Rebecca Ostroff said...

you know what I like ? sittin on a bale of hay! annnd being warm and the way you decorated your uprights..looks beautiful!

Uozabarracuda said...

It was an awesome show Lynn! It made me wish I wasn't afraid of heights!