Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Lots of exciting things have been happening to and around me.
I'm trying hard to keep up and find a slideshow upload is faster.
Hope it works for you. (Try downloading Flash if it doesn't.)
I had the great pleasure of visiting and working with long time circus buds, Wini McKay and Chester Cable, at their vintage retro circus museum workshop sound stage aka Dortons. Having saved and collected circus props, trucks, wagons, costumes and such from the trash heap, (I donated the low wire rigging used in Barnum) they suddenly find themselves riding the wave of historical circus reinvention.
One day it's a shoot for rapper T-Pain
and his THR33 RINGZ
the next Hef's girlfriend nekked.
We sewed furiously making last-minute alterations as T-Pain had dropped weight since his last fitting. The ring master, or ring leader as his camp calls it, costumes were outrageously stunning. Several scenes were shot including one with uber star Tai the elephant, and I was impressed with the quick set changes and lighting adjustments of the director and crew. I drooled at the huge Mac monitor used to see real time pics so tweaks could be made. And, well, the camera was to die for. Geez, I thought, in the videos I've made I did it all. Oh, to have cash and a crew. . .
Had the great pleasure of meeting Selene Luna and Mighty Mike, two of the nicest people on the planet. I literally sewed Selene into her costume, luckily I had a steady hand and didn't draw blood. Cameras were banned from the set or I'd have pics.
On the train trip from Fresno to Riverside I met a young girl and she filled me in on T-Pain. Originally from Tallahassee, now Atlanta, he's got the rights to the vocoder (reminds me of the tube in the mouth gadget Joe Walsh used) and has made it his trademark. If you don't know what it is here's a cartoon that will clue you in.
Butternut reduction anyone? hehe
T-Pain Cartoon

Thank you Wini and Chester, true friends are the best!

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