Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Screaming Meanies

What with the
late nights,
long drives,
lack of sleep,
incessant heat,
it all becomes a blur.

Brush fires roared at the edge of town
and filled the sky
with an ever widening river
of hazy purple smoke.

Across the street, "Cooperstown" owned by local rock star, Alice Cooper.
Serving "Megadeth" meatloaf,
"No More Mr. Nice Guy" Chipotle Chicken Pasta,
and "Nightmare" Nachos.

A colorful study of elephant gastronomy.
I attempt everyday to feed myself this well. Screaming Meanies
creating a "scene"

A personal reflection of an intense situation.

June 29, 2008

As the elephants were led up the ramp and outside to be watered after their circus performance, the yelling was heard. At the top of her lungs a young woman was screaming about the atrocities that she felt were being committed upon them.
Things are seldom what they seem.

It was difficult and uncomfortable for everyone in the vicinity to be subjected to her taunts and accusations. The elephants were watered and bathed while onlookers were entertained by the sight and disturbed by the woman’s screams at the same time. Eyes darted back and forth between the two. It was quite obvious that the elephants weren’t affected, however the humans were disturbed by this woman’s outbursts. For whatever reason she was venting her own “pain body” as Eckart Tolle would call it, at the situation. Nervous laughter at her behavior tried to cover the discomfort felt. She kept attempting to incite the crowd with accusations and escalating herself. When she got attention it simply increased. Others with her started taunting as well.

For the most part the guards, escorts, police and detectives present kept a wary eye and their distance from her. Although at times she had to be asked to step back and away from others.

As the elephants were led down the street to the train car the taunts continued.
In a brilliant move, someone piped up, “Hooray for the elephants!” and the crowd erupted in cheers and applause. They were relieved to be able to yell themselves. Louder and louder as everyone joined in to express in a positive way their kinship with these magnificent animals.

It seems she had stumbled upon a wonderful means of counteracting the negativity of the screaming, harassing, activists. Keep it fun and positive. Embrace the joy that is an elephant. Be wary of the Us vs. Them mentality.

Rather than engaging the activists in disagreements and escalating their anger, arguing point by point, drawing attention to them and feeding their hatefulness, the applause and gratitude expressed for these creatures and the humans working hard to care for them, seemed to dissipate much of the tension felt.
An attitude of gratitude if you will.

Three cheers for elephants!
Hip, hip, hooray!

There is no mistaking the light in children’s eyes when they witness the magnificence that is an elephant. They can’t help it. No matter what the adult tries to tell them they are filled with joy at the sight of them. It’s a heartwarming exchange to witness.

Perhaps it is a circus elephant's purpose to provide adults and children alike the opportunity to feel they can make a difference in the survival of this magnificent species.

Hooray for elephants! Hip, hip hooray!

Lynn is a very reflective and observant person by nature. She has spent the past 3 years working in an Adult Psych Crisis Stabilization Unit where she was surrounded by the whole spectrum of human pain and emotion. She also witnessed de-escalation techniques that have diffused intense situations. She believes there are positive means of addressing these situations, resolving conflict and embracing peace. Every challenge a lesson to learn.

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