Saturday, July 12, 2008

Some things resonate deep

The Creative Habit
Twyla Tharp

She's always inspired me and the book delves into her creative process which in turn helped me understand my own.
Read it and weep - tears of JOY!

To Dance on Sands

“It didn't matter if people thought I was crazy, because whose life is it, theirs or mine?”

Marta Becket <link to great article and pics

Robin sent me a link to the article saying it reminded him of me. I couldn't be more flattered! What an amazing story of leaving beauty in her wake.
I hope to get my hands on this book soon!

Don't just do something,
be creative.


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Anonymous said...

Being compared to Marta Becket is a good thing indeed.

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting her on two occasions, and wrote about her over at my blog MERE WORDS: