Sunday, July 27, 2008

Just be 'cause'. . .P.L.A.Y.

Oops, got behind and am finally getting around to posting this.
Mega nightclub owner hosts fundraiser.
Patrons donate gifts of toys for kids. Hot air balloon rides. Babes in bikinis atop elephant. More info and pics here.
Recession? What recession?

For all of $1.25 I hopped the Metro to meet Susie in N. Hollywood.
Clean, comfortable and on time it sure beat driving.

A camera inside the trailer reassures us that Susie is riding comfortably.

Next door neighbor welcomes Susie onto her front yard.
We agree not to charge for the tree trimming.

But first add your gift of a toy to the huge pile.

Greeted by loincloth clad dancers perched on rocks.
Animal interaction anyone?

Check out the view from above.

Susie says, "Hop on."

The latest gossip? I'm all ears.
Always helps to have a crack security team clear the way.
Especially when they help load out as well.
Thanks guys!
One of the pride, I hope.

Hey you! Get away from the trailer!
Oh, are you Howie?
Nice to meet you.

Go play.

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