Thursday, June 5, 2008

Wilkes Barre elephant walk out

I bought a present for Karen today. I think she'll like it.

As we purposefully parade down the street it's literally easier than walking into town because we are going downhill.

I reflect that even in my comparatively short life span I've seen major changes. Half as many elephants as there once were, twice as many people, still enthralled by the sight of these huge gentle giants silently trudging through their neighborhood.

This is a very special moment as time is taken to smell the elephants.
"Look Mom! No gasoline!"
No fossil fuels are used to propel them down the street.

Kids and adults alike scream with excitement at the sight. Beaming with JOY!
Dogs are driven mad with confusion.
Biggest darn four-legged creatures ever to set foot in their territory.
Bark! Bark! Bark! Make it go away!

Witnesses to a pachyderm parade, here and then gone, leaving huge boluses of plant matter in their wake. The brief scent of their presence wafting by.
Once upon a time their numbers were thought infinite.
Now we know different. Perhaps they're here to tell us.
Evolve or die. . . .


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