Tuesday, June 17, 2008

All you need is LOVE. . .

All the money in the world
can't guarantee success.

Beatle's music
Soleil staging
What could top that?


How about heart and soul?

No matter how much confetti,
flying limbs
colorful costuming
dazzling lighting
levels of stages
projections, fog, streamers,
parachutes, umbrellas, trampolines
ladders, wheels, zany characters,
etc., etc.

it's difficult to improve on
music that wasn't
written as accompaniment.

What's that I feel?
A speed bump?
Or John Lennon turning over in his grave?

The sound system was as perfect as it could get,
for reproduced music.

I would have rather sat there with my eyes closed
and traveled into my own visual imagery,
than feel befuddled and let down
by every trick in the book
trying to impress me.

the slot machines say it all.

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