Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Colorado Springs In & Out

3/4 moon and snowcapped mountains
highway disorientation
can't tell up from down
except by the sound of the engine.
Midnight travels
the road unrolls before us
as the painted lines curve
from side to side
over and under
around and down the mountains.
Matte black
when the moon is hidden
behind the jaggedy edges
slippery water reflection
guardrails glisten
tunnels hum.
Miles counted in time
fall behind us
one by one.
In the midst of mountains
you realize
anything is possible
everything already is.

Loveland Pass

A word to the wise.
If you purchase a vehicle
that has been sitting perhaps
for awhile
and one tire blows
replace the rest.
Because they are probably
dry rotted and will
be chewed by the road.
Mmmm, munch, munch, munch.
This would be #4.

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