Thursday, June 12, 2008

Pikes's Peak vs Peak Oil

These Swiss railcars are self-contained units, powered by two Cummins diesel engines mounted underneath the seating area. They are diesel-pneumatic. Generators driven by the diesel engines provide the power to traction motors for the ascent. The braking is done through a pneumatic retardation system, and the diesel engines must idle on the return trip.

Almost there. A brief stop at the Marmot hotel.
The whistling, yellow-bellied marmots are too cute!

The view was awesome. The windy gusts blew my hat off my head. Feeling light-headed from the altitude I wasn't about to chase it to the edge of the cliff. It was frigid cold and felt like pure chaos as the wind whipped into a frenzy. They closed the auto road and we re-boarded for the ride down.

Fade to black

Came across this article about peak oil. Wake up, wake up, up wake!

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