Thursday, June 5, 2008

Pachyderms and Hummers

Drove all day to a secured location where the elephants were unloaded so they could stretch while their quarters were cleaned and water refilled.

Hundreds of Hummers as far as the eye could see. $200,00 each. Our hard-earned tax dollars, hard at work. (Excuse me. Could I please have beautiful art instead?) Getting lifted by the crane and loaded on a train to be shipped. The train yard hummed at night an eerie call, blessing all the handsome young men and brave young woman that will climb into the Hummers, who knows where, who knows why? I wonder what's the point? So I can be free to drive across this country and watch TV. Plenty of fossil fuels to use. What does it mean? Men feeling their pain by inflicting it on others? Enter the cave and the dragon emerges. . .

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