Monday, June 9, 2008

Toto, we're not in Kansas anymore

In front of the Mid-America Center
Council Bluffs, NE

Horseshoe Casino
right next door,
'cause, well, LOVE is always a

Saturday night I was rousted from a deep sleep when the trailer shook. Hearing sirens I knew something was up. Glancing at the clock, the time was 2:37am. The wind wasn't letting up and the rain was whipping the tent. A knock at the door as the cat trainer said, "Hey, tornado in the next town. People are going in the building." The old joke about trailers being tornado magnets suddenly came to mind. Ha, ha, NOT funny. Threw on some clothes and went into the ele tent. "Grab a hook!" Huh? Okay, tail up. And we led the girls inside. They were calm and attentive, curious as to why the sudden need to be led into the building in the middle of the night. We fed and watered them and hung out for awhile. The winds died down and we put them back to bed.

Next day, one show, and tear down, the sky was cloudy but the rain stayed away.
Driving west the sky was amazing. . .

Stopped for coffee the next morning, at LOVE'S travel oasis on Bison Hwy in Hudson, CO and had the great pleasure of meeting B-ball all star Bill and his sidekick Bev.
Nicest folks you could ask for. Baby Ruth's 2 for 1.
Ah, clear skies ahead and life is good!

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