Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Fix a flat under a nearly full moon

Heading home from yoga I got the call. Stuck on the side of the road. A can of Fix-a-Flat and my cheap plastic inflater later, we managed to limp down the road and leave the truck at the local repair. The tire was smokin' when we finally got there. My circus travels have schooled me well.

Funny thing thinking back now, was the guy at the CVS where I bought the Fix-a-Flat. He asked how I was doing and I replied, "I'll give you one guess," as I handed him the can. Didn't phase him as he continued the checkout and stuffed it into a plastic bag. Hmm, I thought, I really don't need this bag as I handed it back, and this guy? He's asleep at the wheel. Like a robot he was. . . eerie.

Earlier in the day this I saw this when I stopped at the local gas station.
This little piggie goes to market?
Wild boar anyone?

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