Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Yikes, another year already?

It was my birthday last Saturday. Whoo hoo, yeah right. Hard to believe another year's gone by. What have I learned? How have I grown? What difference does it make anyways? Hehe.

This is my birthday wish:
The greatest gift you can give to me is to follow your bliss and grow into
your ‘self'.

Makes it easier for me to do so
my 'self'.

Got my "FREE" birthday chiropractic adjustment. Dr. Johnston and his minions will set you straight. Having visited chiropractors across the nation during my circus daze, I know a good crack when I hear one. Next I treated myself to Big Ron's Yoga. Yoga is my drug of choice. Meditation is my medication. Because of the summer heat I have resisted going to Bikram, aka "hot yoga", 100 minutes at 100 degrees. Ugh. But the reality is it makes me feel soooooo good and when you leave it feels cooler outside. Made myself a committment to go more often this year.

Oftentimes I can't find the words I need so I make them up.
Remember folks, you heard it here first. My gift of words to you. :)

Visionaerialist - my self-coined moniker. I've been a pro aerialist in this life. I'm also a very imaginative person. So in order to describe myself I put the two together. Simple, no?

Ambitchous – Bitchy and ambitious. You know what they say about women with power. I say more power to them.

Perhaps it's "all about the money." Just came across an interesting study that said even the thought of money makes people mean, “less helpful, less considerate and less willing to ask for assistance or engage with others than those who have not been "preconditioned" to money.”

Bills to pay? Forget about it, I want to be nice. Generous even. Anyone need a little extra cash?

Virticariously - Living virtually and vicariously. I’ve never been able to get hooked on soap operas. I’ve tried at times so I could converse with those that do. Better than a soap opera, going online and reading myspace, facebook, blogs and evesdropping on the drama, love lost and love found is life’s reality show. The vengeance of the jilted and bragging rights of happiness. As I’ve become a recluse here in the woods leading an “insular” life, I find myself traveling across the world into others lives and comparing them to my own. I find the lies people tell and uncover truths I’d rather not know. It is easy to live an illusion on the internet with chats, IM’s and emails. There is so much missing; tone of voice, facial expressions, body language. But we’re back to writing and reading more and that can’t be all bad. It takes longer to write and you have the option to edit before you speak. Seems we hear what we want to hear, in the tone we want to hear it, when we read and listen to the voice in our head. It seems we’re all lonelier than ever and searching for that connection we all crave so. Bumping into others with similar interests is easier, but overcoming physical distance is frustrating to no end. I think I’ll just stay here and talk to the trees. Only problem is I hold them close and they don’t hug me.

Spent a night and a day at the beach. Oh, I so needed that. I hadn’t realized how much it was missed. Marveled as the huge, orange-red moon rose perceptively as we counted down. Rose the next morning and watched the sun take its place. Listened to the surf and walked the beach as the warm ocean water caressed my feet. Found washed up shells to carry home. Wondered what is next for me. Only my heart can tell.

Love, you know, inspires me.

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