Tuesday, September 18, 2007

UF Taser incident

This incident made my stomach turn and my eyes tear. Obviously the guy was well read and passionate about the questions he was asking, and excited at the opportunity to do so. I work in an adult psych unit and watch as mental health techs and nurses handle far more violent, psychotic people without the use of tasers or physical restraint. Had they simply stepped away from him and allowed him to finish his thoughts it would not have turned into a display of force. John Kerry did acknowledge him and was going to answer. The UF police use of force caused the incident to escalate. What is even more upsetting is that everyone in that room sat and watched as he was brutally tasered at close range. This is unconscionable. It could have been you. UF needs to address this and never allow it to happen again. More power to the passionate among us that dare to ask difficult questions.

Peaceful means are scientifically proven. Take a lesson UF. Perhaps if the school spent more funding on the arts and non-violent intervention rather than the win-lose mentality of sports this type of thing would not happen. Sad, sad, day, in my humble opinion. Let's hope we learn from this.

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