Saturday, September 15, 2007

Pangea Day

Echoing peace into the future through the power of film worldwide.

TED is a conference I first learned of through Charles Fleischer. (Be his myspace friend) I met him in LA when I was helping Shelly Ladd raise funds for her retired research primate sanctuary, Mindy’s Memory.

After his standup bit he donated for the cause, we ran into him at a restaurant next door as he was huddled over his papers searching for clues to the mathematical problems called Moleeds he’s been calculating for years. You may know of him as the voice of Roger Rabbit. He’s also a digital artist, musician, actor, poet and stream of consciousness comedian. He told me of his excitement at performing for TED. I’m heartened to know that the brightest minds in our time are working towards a better world cooperatively. One of these people is Jehane Noujaim. Each year TED awards funding for several projects and hers is one that speaks to world peace. You can see her presentation here and learn more about it.
Learn about submitting a film here.
Spread TED.

As I post my videos online I wonder what effect I will have as they sear into others brains. I hope that I can open people’s eyes and minds to thinking and believing in the possibility of world peace. No small feat, but nor is it insurmountable. Not with the power of video in the independent hands of everyone so that we can see for ourselves, once and for all that we really are all one people, on one planet, and our differences are not worth fighting over.

Peace, yes. With the hearts and minds of people like these I truly believe it is on its way.

Don’t you?

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