Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Shadowy, silently, foot pads scuffling head to tail down the emptied city streets and highway. Surrounded and protected by motorcycle cops and squad cars, roped off by human escorts and accompanied by those that live with them and love them. We're here, we're interrupting the daily routine. Taking some by surprise as they pass by. What the ?!?!? Elephants are passing by. Stop everything. Call a friend, bring the kids. They're not here but once a year. Hold your horses and wonder. How is it that these giant, gentle creatures still exist? Feel the majesty and grace they bring with. In another time and place Buddha's tooth would be carried on their back. They would be honored by and for this. The politics of elephants has gotten very thick. Like magnets humans are drawn to their presence, their history, their psychic depths. Together they accommodate our wonderings. Huge, silently, with great presence they acquiesce. Nice night for meandering down darkened city streets.

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