Sunday, August 17, 2008

San Francisco, Circus City?

Life has a way of going in circles. I found myself once again in San Francisco, birthplace of my circus adventures. This time, however, there was a very polished, artful show in place at the pier. Teatro ZinZanni is a relative of the Pomp, Duck, and Circumstance show seen years ago in NYC. Presented in a beautiful spiegeltent, worth the price of admission itself, European style cabaret, melodrama, variety show, plus gourmet dinner. What more could you ask for? Oh, and the costumes are to die for. Chef Caesar, played by Frank Ferrante, is a remarkably quick-witted improvisationalist with audience members. I loved the challenge of keeping up to him. Ukrainian contortionist Vita Radionova moved beautifully, not once did I wince although she twisted herself unimaginably, yet seemingly effortlessly. Andrew Adams and Erika Gilfether paired passion and aerial dare devildry into a lovely mixture. Duo Manducas brought things down to earth with their hilarious handbalancing antics and comedic takes. And throughout the show, Les Petits Frères (Gregory Marquet, Mickael Bajazet, Domitil Aillot) bumbled about in character, then left us dumbfounded with their acrobatic finesse.
On a scale of Lynn, it's a GO!

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