Monday, August 18, 2008


Lookie! Lookie! Lookie!
Visited Peggy Ford at the San Francisco Circus Center and was treated to a 'HOT', off the press, 'SNEAK' peek at the

A collaboration of students from the Clown Conservatory, produced by Chad Benjamin Potter, aka CBP the clown and his BEAULUX Productions. Chad graciously allowed me to take this pic but my camera phone doesn't do it justice. You simply HAVE to buy the calendar to get the full effect, and many others! OoH La La!!!

100% of the net proceeds benefit the
Known to many throughout the circus world, Judy Finelli was an
accomplished female juggler and co-founder of CIRCUS CENTER. In 1989,Judy was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. In spite of the effects of this devastating disease, Judy has remained an inspiration to the students of the Circus Center. The Judy Finelli Fund supports research and advocacy for cures and treatment of MS. It promotes artistic expression through circus arts training and enables those affected by MS to pursue their passions regardless of their limitations. Step right up, buy one, or better, buy two and give someone a
SEXY CLOWN GIFT! Who knows, you just might get lucky. ;)

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Margaret said...

Good Morning, I want one of these, LOL....