Thursday, August 7, 2008

Sean Emery proves Circus Hurts

We toured the US with GSOE refining our circus chops. He married my bff Megan and they moved to NYC. Sean has expanded his hilarious comedy variety routine, traveled the world, works hard and plays harder at his home base of Minneapolis, MN. His self deprecating humor, absurd observations and mad skills make me weak with laughter. Like Robin Williams and Jim Carrey crashing headlong into the circus. Check out this vid as he attempts to upgrade his unicycle prowess. As if it could get any better. Warning: You could die laughing, or cry wincing.
There's great juggling bits in the title link page as well. Dude! You so lighten my spirits. Thanks!

Sean's Unicycle Course


seanemery said...

Hey .... fun to see me.
What is GSOE????
Seany Boy

Lynn said...

Greatest Show on Earth. Memory is the first to go. . .hehe