Wednesday, March 4, 2009

FL State Fair Tampa 09

That's right folks, "Step right up for the chocolate dipped bacon!" Fair food is the best food you'll find once a year, and everything can be fried. Had a lovely time and the weather was awesome. First stop the WELDES BIG BEAR SHOW getting an up close peek at this cute family and their commitment to animals of the furry kind. Next the HAAI LIVE SHARK ENCOUNTER presented by Phillip Peters, friend from Ringling back in the day. He's quite the comedian and engages the crowd with his personality, playing on our fears keeping peeps on the edge of their seats while slipping in interesting facts about sharks and their habits. Altogether a great way to encourage understanding and thus respect and responsibility for them, both captive and ocean side.
It was a packed house at
CIRCUS HOLLYWOOD next. A fine free show in a tent, a bit warm for everyone, but the acts were hot. I especially liked the horses and silks done beautifully.

Altogether a fun day at the fair. It's over for now, try to catch it next year.

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