Thursday, March 5, 2009

Bay Area Renaissance Festival

Looking to spend some time outside under a treed canopy surrounded by artistry, clever costuming and some great live entertainment?

Head to the Bay Area Renaissance Festival in Tampa, weekends until April 5th. I especially enjoyed the Demzarrah Gypsies, gorgeous girls, colorful flowing skirts and aurora borealis rhinestones. I missed the Bunnies in Peril magic show at Hoggetowne but was glad I got to catch it here. The Dragon Scales & Fairy Tales show really engaged the kids and I loved the sassy dragon. Having never seen a stage hypnotist before, I was amazed and in stitches at the same time by Lady Mesmer. Goes to show how suggestive we are. Also the flamenco bolo stylings of Manolete in his Glory & Death show. Not one afraid to make a fool of himself, this guy is hot in more ways than one.

Here's a peek.

Weekends thru April 5th.
On a scale of Lynn I give it a 10.
There's nothing better than live ya know?

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