Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thank you, thank you, thank you

Those of you that surround me, encourage me and put up with me.
Thanks for all that you do.
Thanks for being you.
May you eat your fill.

Just came across this interesting article about

a new transit system that would convert old airplanes into speedy, eco-friendly trains.

Obviously I think this is important. You can't miss the hyperlink.

Here in Florida we voted "YES!" on a high speed rail system a few years ago. I was overjoyed when it passed. Thoughts of hopping a train to the coast filled my head. Ah, but the powers that be placed it back on the ballot and instigated a fear campaign of rising taxes to cover the cost. Hello?!? It's going to cost us either way. Second time around it was voted down. Fools we are for driving our cars. In my travels I have been spoiled by trains. Nothing like the rocking and rolling through the mountains, the sound of the street gates clanging, the leg room and time to read. I'd love to see monorailplanes in the sky. Or would that be planemonorails?

Oh, and lots of these:

What's the connection here?

A vinyl, blow up elephant in Australia protesting nuclear waste.

Real, live elephants blowing up in India when they come in contact with electricity.

Orphaned elephants in Sri Lanka

Elephant life in India

potential electricity

the end

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