Sunday, November 18, 2007

Primate Ponderings

Went to two HUGE conventions in Orlando. IAAPA and LDI, and they were literally like night and day.

IAAPA is bright, flashing, noisy, colorful, animatronic, thrilling, gum removing, movie projecting, green screen, Tesla,plush winning, water dancing, moon bouncing, beer swilling, toasted cheesy, dogsy, outdoorsy, mascots and women in costumes.

LDI on the other hand was dark, subdued, technological, indoorsy, smoky, blinking, streaming, foggy, wine drinking, croissant, curtained, rigged, hung, confetti, fog, projection, staging, lighting, gobo, spanset, DMX, LED, sound mixing, electronic, fabric, architectural, shadowy, movement and men in black.

Some highlights were the "Spewer" life size animatronic, moving and spewing recreation of a guy puking into a barrel, alongside the old school electrocution chair models. A flying rig for Joe public without harness or a net, landing on a krush kushion aka modified airbag instead. Video projections on water, fog, and fabric. Electroluminescent fashion fur. And LED everything.

Amazing how far we will go to "entertain" ourselves, or be entertained. Bazillions of dollars were changing hands as men in suits gathered around tables and shook hands. China had the presence Japan once had. All this stuff to create illusions, or re-create the illusion of life and sensory overload fun.

The spark - yeah, it all sparked an idea I had years ago, and now it seems the technology is available. So this idea monkey is getting to work, seeking financing. . .and relieved to be back in the woods listening to nature. I guess I'm simple and easily entertained.

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