Sunday, October 28, 2007

Running away with the circus, without leaving home.

This weekend Elise and I ran away with Loomis Bros. Circus, in Trenton on Friday and Saturday, and Archer on Sunday. Driving home each night to sleep in our own beds, it was like having our cake, and eating it too!

A classic, clean, colorful family show, run by Justin Loomis, packed them in at the rodeo grounds. We had the great pleasure of working with highly-talented circus families in a top notch 3-ring show. Tigers, juggling, unicycle, hand balancing, trapeze, chiffon, cradle, rola bola, hula hoops, clowns, birds and elephants, there was something for everyone and a great time was had by all.

Ooooh, I savored the scents and sounds of the elephants as they hung out grazing and relaxing until the show. My mouth watered at the smell of the popcorn and my heart skipped a beat when the whistle blew. Oh, yeah, there's no biz like show biz, and with sawdust in my veins my heart bursts with love when I get to play in a circus ring. I'm a salesman for FUN! No worries here, just bespangled people doing amazing things.

Oh and some local humor. . .
"May all your days be CIRCUS days!"

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