Saturday, August 25, 2007

Brain Surgery, Light Art, and Falling Stars

From the brilliant mind of Dr. S. neurosurgeon, psychiatrist, addiction doc, and rock 'n roll friend.

“In the OR we never said ‘Oops!’ Instead we said, ‘Ah, there.’"

Wise words indeed.

Art begets Art

Went to an art show by a friend, Celino, last night. He paints historic homes and makes unique light sculptures from combining cast offs in unusual and whimsical ways. Celino brings light into our world and inspires us to see old things in new ways. A while back we did a swap meet together and I bought a large frame from him. In turn it inspired this video.

Thanks Celino for your contribution to recycled light art and re-imagined beauty on this earth.

Light on your path y’all,


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