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Ooh la la ~ a Cirque Tell-all?

She was 17 and he was 32
when they met on a beach in Brazil.
All you need is 'LOVE'
All you need is 'LOVE'

All you need is 'LOVE' 'LOVE'

'LOVE' is all you need.

Let's just say I knew this guy when he had hair. This book could be quite interesting. The timing of the release couldn't hurt ticket sales I suppose.

Who do you think will play him in the movie?

Le livre - Guy Laliberté :

When you click on the links below to read the articles be sure to read the comments too. I found them to be quite revealing in many ways.

So far this site has the best comments regarding the true legal implications for all Canadian women.

Beverly Ackerman

Unauthorized bio exposes sordid details of Laliberté's life

Sex, drugs and the trapeze.

Halperin says he started out with a distorted, one-sided view of Laliberté, based on what the billionaire’s ex-common-law wife – the mother of three of Laliberté’s five children – told him.

But he was set straight by the many friends and employees – current and former – who spoke of Laliberté’s generosity and vision in combining art and enterprise.

“He has helped so many people and provided so many opportunities,” Halperin said, mentioning among other things the One Drop foundation to fight poverty in the world by giving everyone access to water.

Laliberté has pledged to donate $100 million over 25 years to cover its operating costs.

“The message is he never forgot where he came from and never abandoned his friends,” Halperin said. “He’s a simple guy with a lot of dough.”

A posted comment says. . .

There is no Hard work behind the cirque (at least from Lalibertes part), everything was stolen from the previous founders, Cirque du soleil is a non lucrative entity that was founded in 1978 , Guy joined the entity in 1982 and managed to sneak his way around the original founders to take control of the company and pocket all income (in most cases this is considered theft) As far the no gas money to return fro the US , its a completely bogus and false urban legend,at the moment the urban legend takes place Guy used company funds to purchase himself a convertible Porsche 911 and spent most of his time snorting cocaine and having a good time with Los Angeles Prostitutes, leaving the rest of the management and troops in limbo and with no money to operate (fortunately they were a success and received a partnership offer from a major studio , Guy backed out of the deal after a few days Is he a good guy ? maybe for those who were not drugged or paid to have sex with him and other strangers among other things , why is it that people glorify his parties ? anyone else doing the same thing would be charged for drug possession (in large quantities ) and Rape . He is an egomaniac who loves to abuse and control people , he is a sexually depraved homosexual in the closet (unless you sign the ND Form) who not so deep inside hates women. Remember what i said before C D SOLEIL is a NON LUCRATVE entity who takes advantage of millions and millions of taxpayers money and does not pay taxes, on the other hand he controls over 50 incorporations who supply al services to C D S, such as event planning , tickets, ropes , transportation ,etc Long story short " I will use your money" , to finance the operation of a company that will make my other companies a lot of money. Unfortunately most Quebequers will say "Hey on l'aime Guy , y a du Cash

The New York Post

The circus was sexually charged, too, according to Halperin. One ex-female acrobat tells him Cirque was run by "horny little boys" whose goal was "to [bleep] as many women as they could until they dropped dead. They were all decent human beings until it came to women . . . They would not take 'no' for answer. First they tried to charm you -- they were certainly most charming -- and if that didn't work they'd ply you with the most expensive booze, get you stoned, and voila, the next morning you'd wake up in their bed naked."

Oh? Really? Sheesh, and that's surprising?

People making comments here are a bit less polite

Perez Hilton

From another site:

Rizia mentioned that Guy used to spend the nights making merry with younger girls while Rizia was left behind at home to take care of the children. Rizia informed that Laliberte had connections with so many women behind her back. Rizia said that although Laliberte tried to hide his guilt, each time, he used to get caught!

Every time Rizia used to discover Laliberte’s deeds, she used to confront him always and the proud creator of Cirque du Soleil had nothing to say in his defense! Rizia said that Laliberte had made her life miserable. Author Halperin had been told by Rizia that Laliberte used to come home after having sex with other women and then he fulfilled his urges with Rizia.

Rizia said that if she would have known this fact, then she would have never indulged in a sexual relationship with Guy. In that way, Laliberte has not only been regarded as unfaithful by Rizia, but she said that Laliberte’s multiple sexual relationships with multiple women had posed a risk to her health.

Delved a little deeper on the internet and came up with these links.

The plot thickens . . .

Here's the author's blog titled, "IAMUNDERCOVER.COM"

From a poker blog

and more . .

And the cyberpaper, "LeSoleil" in French,

translates understandably into English at

Google translate

I've always thought there was a soap opera waiting to be produced entitled,

"As the Circus Turns"

If anyone out there wants to produce it, give me a shout.

'Love' is all you need

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