Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tim Holst Celebration, a note from Lisa Dufresne

Tim and I were great friends for twenty years and were married in 2000 for eight and a half more. Tim loved his job, performers and the circus. He would talk to performers late into the night to really learn about them and what made them who they are, he was also known to go out of his way to help them out with whatever they might need, above and beyond the scope of his job. His favorite part was negotiating contracts and any of you that had the pleasure of negotiating with him know what I mean! We even negotiated at home, he couldn't get enough of that! He once told me that he wanted to be the "ultimate employee". No one can argue the fact that he certainly was. Tim was quite well known around the world. When we traveled together anywhere someone always knew him. Tim wanted to write a book about his travels in his retirement and would keep a journal on all his trips to all parts of the world. He was also interested in pursuing a masters degree. Tim spoke several languages and had an incredible memory for names and details. Our friend Roiter was with him when he took ill initially in Brazil. Tim and I spoke on the phone from his hospital room and I will be forever thankful for our last conversation. The circus world has lost a great man and a great historian and those close to him have lost a great friend.

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