Thursday, December 4, 2008

Britney Spears at Big Apple Circus and more. . .

Would somebody puleeeeze clue these folks in to the proper use of the word?
She's not the first to use Ringleader vs Ringmaster, then again, maybe it is the right word.
Hmm. . .
From Merriam Webster

Date: 1503
A leader of a ring of individuals engaged especially in improper or unlawful activities.

Date: 1859
One in charge of performances in a ring (as of a circus) ; broadly : a supervisor or moderator especially of a performance or presentation.

Love the costumes and great circus animal action. WHoot! Lions and Elephants! Maybe once you dangle by your ankle 30 feet in the air we'll call you a "Circus Girl". For now you're a gadjo. May you have a safe and sane tour. . .

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