Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Back in the day and today. . .

In Kevin Borwnlow's book THE PARADE'S GONE BY
(a book about silent films)

Gloria Swanson recounts how this scene was filmed.
(DeMille is alleged to have arrived on the set sporting two pearl handled revolvers.)
Now that's one heroic woman with nerves of steel, and beautiful too.
Disclaimer: Kids, don't try this at home.

And in exciting elephant news, Riddle's Elephant and Wildlife Sanctuary, aka Scott and Heidi, the hardest working elephant folks in the biz, welcomed a new addition. Bets, in honor of Bets Rasmussen, the chemist that pioneered scent research at their facility. During my time at their course in hands-on elephant handling Bets told the story of having a difficult time selling her used car. Seems she had carted buckets of ele pee to her lab and well, the car had a peculiar odor to it making it hard to sell. Her research has since resulted in scent deterrent used in India to repel elephants and help them co-exist with people.

Bets Rasmussen
One of the most intelligent and inspiring women I've met.

Congratulations Scott and Heidi, your vision and perseverance are a blessing to us all.

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